About Us

Here at Hurom, we have a firm belief that we develop our products to help people. Therefore, coming up with new ways to make, not only our products but juicing as a whole, more attractive to wider audiences is key. We aim to achieve this with innovative designs that make juicers accessible to everyone.


What Drives Us?

People and health. These factors are the cornerstone of our ethos and we aim to provide products that will help humankind improve their health over time. In the end, this has carried us to be one of the top juicer manufacturers in the world and we want to utilise this position to truly improve the world.


In Touch with Nature

At Hurom we keenly want to help everyone become more in touch with nature, by helping them to find enjoyable ways to consume fruits and vegetables. Many people dislike a healthy and natural lifestyle due to the stereotypes associated with it.

We want to change that by introducing people to a high-quality, slow life. We want to restore people’s gratitude for nature and satisfaction with life by helping them recover their health naturally, enjoy a fulfilling life for the benefit of both their body and mind and protect themselves and their loved ones from anxiety and stress.


The Hurom Story

Our story starts from humble origins in 1974 with a company called DongAh Ind Co. DongAh, which, much like modern-day Hurom, focused on producing quality products to help people improve their health. Over time, this led them to produce a range of kitchen appliances, before they eventually designed and began to specialise in cold press juicers.

From this arose a 40-year legacy that has spanned many phases from our work behind the scenes for other top brands to the creation and promotion of our own brand to bring us to where we are today.