International Awards

International Invention Awards

2010 was a great year for us across the board and it marks the first year we were recognised awards bodies across the globe. In total we managed to win 3 awards, including golds at iENA Nuremburg and the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and Most Innovative Kitchen Appliance Award at the Invention & New Product Exposition in the US.

International Design Excellence Awards

Following our successes in 2010 we were keen to become recognised more globally and in 2013 our HH Series Slow Juicer was declared a Bronze Winner at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). This award body is sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America and is recognised as one of the top design awards available in the world.

reddot Design Award

Alongside a Bronze Award from IDEA the HH Series Juicer also won a Red Dot award in 2013 for product design. The reddot design awards are a highly acclaimed awards body in which products from all over the world are judged and examined for quality. Only the very best are selected to win prestigious Red Dots.

Since 2013 we have also added a second Red Dot for product design to our collection. It was achieved in 2015 for the Hurom HW Commercial Juicer, one of our best juicers ever in terms of functionality.

iF Product Design Award

Finally we have also received recognition in many areas from the iF Award body. This event is rated highly alongside the reddot and IDEA awards and it has been held in Hannover every year since 1953.

Our successes here have been our best and our juicers have received high scores in many key areas, including creativity, durability, design quality and safety. As a result we have had 3 iF awards in total, 2 of which were achieved in 2014 for our HH and HK series and juicers and one more in 2015 for the HW Commercial Juicer.