A History of Hurom

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The history of Hurom is a long one, and our story starts 44 years ago with a company called DongAh Ind Co. Founded in 1974, DongAh was originally a manufacturer of TV and audio components to be used in other products. However, with time the company was able to progress toward the production of kitchen appliances, allowing it to move in the direction desired by its founder. This lead to a steady period of production which saw the creation of many appliances, including a high-speed food processor.

Then in 1992, DongAh Ind Co. struck gold when they developed the single augur electric juicer. This creation proved to be very popular, and from 1992 - 1998 they took out seven patents on their single augur horizontal juicer style. However, despite the gravity of this achievement, DongAh persisted as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) company and instead allowed their creations to be branded and sold by other companies such as Oscar and Omega.

HU-100 Juicer

Juicers Revolutionised

As time progressed, DongAh continued to produce a variety of horizontal juicers, which were continually branded to great success by a variety of international companies. Each model was continually better than its predecessor, but the differences between them were often minimal. That is until 2005 when DongAh Ind Co. created the world’s first single augur vertical juicer. This first generation vertical juicer was very different from anything seen before in the juicer market, but it had a few flaws in the form of a large motor base and fiddly side clamps. As a result, DongAh knew it could be refined and improved to a much higher standard.

Over the next few years, they focused on achieving that goal, developing new and improved juicer models. Then in 2008, at a US trade show, the latest vertical juicer was revealed in the form of the Oscar Pro 930. We now know this model as the HU-100, but upon its release, only Oscar chose to brand and sell the device in the UK and Australia.

Juicer Innovation Continues

A New Beginning

However, this wasn’t to last, and in 2009 DongAh set up their own brand to distribute and sell their juicers in the USA. Unsurprisingly that brand went under the name Hurom, and DongAh Ind Co. adopted it entirely, paving the way for the company we all know today. The creation of Hurom had noticeable ripples through the entire industry and many of the brands who had previously used DongAh’s products now had to provide their own juicer designs to avoid having identical products. The most notable example of this can be seen with the Omega VRT330 and the Hurom HU-100.

Hurom Brand

Innovation for the Future

Since the conception of the Hurom brand, the juicer market has advanced a lot, and vertical juicers have progressed very far with many newer variations of the HU-100 hitting the market continually. Then in 2013, the vertical juicing mechanism was completely reworked, and our second-generation technology was born. This was a proud achievement for all involved and it allowed vertical models to juice twice a quickly with a dual winged augur and a range of other improvements.

Now in 2018, we have improved even further and midway through 2017 the 3rd generation of Hurom juicers was released in the UK. These models offer even better value, higher yields and a wider array of features, helping us to maintain our vision of providing devices that help and truly benefit humankind. However, we believe this is only the tip of the iceberg and we shall aim to press ahead even further with innovative technology that benefits everyone.

Hurom H-AA in Silver