Hurom GH Chef Horizontal Slow Juicer

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Hurom GH Chef Slow Juicer

Versatility is a core part of any horizontal juicer and the GH Chef offers a range of functions to satisfy all your cooking needs. 

The Ultimate Multitool

The GH Chef is much more than your average juicer and it truly excels at providing a range of different functions. Designed to be a 4 in 1 device the GH is capable of grinding, mincing and kneading on top of its normal juicing functions.

As a result, we believe that this juicer could be used to prepare foods for a full meal when used to the best of its abilities with options to make pasta, dough, breadcrumbs, chutneys and much more.

GH Chef Mulitfunctions

Wide Ranging Accessories

The GH Chef comes with a plethora of accessories, which are key to it performing multiple functions. Of these accessories, the most important is the homogenising blank, which plays a key part in all the non-juicing operations. Designed to be used in place of the juicing screen, this blank allows for ingredients to be mixed without any strainer element for separation of liquids and solids. As a result, the final ingredient combination will be a mixture.

The other accessories provided with the GH Chef come in the form of nozzles to be used in combination with the blank. Each nozzle is a different shape, allowing for many different shapes and textures of food to be achieved.

GH Chef Accessories

Horizontal Juicing

The juicing system used in the GH Chef has been implemented to match the standards expected from leading horizontal juicer models. Therefore, we have engineered the 150W engine to turn the augur at just 70 RPM, allowing it to extract high yields while keeping oxidation of important nutrients to a bare minimum.

Performance in the GH Chef can be improved through the pressure adjusting nozzle, which can be attached to the end of the drum cap. The nozzle allows for adjustment to 5 different levels of pressure. Higher levels of pressure result in drier pulp with less wasted juice, in particular with tough greens and wheatgrass.

GH Chef

Minimalistic Design

A modern and stylish exterior allows the GH Chef to fit in comfortably with many kitchen environments without standing out too heavily. It is made of a hard wearing ABS plastic, which is moulded seamlessly for a clean yet functional finish. This durable quality can also be seen in all the juicing components in the GH Chef, with key parts such as the augur, screen and juicing chamber being made from premium materials such as Tritan and Ultem.

GH Chef Design

Product Overview

More Information
Brand Hurom
Model GH
Dimensions 16.3 cm (D) x 34.5 cm (W) x 42.4 cm (H)
Juicer Type Cold Press Juicers, Horizontal Juicers
Speed 80 RPM
Warranty 10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
Wattage 200 W
Weight 6 kg