Hurom H-AE Alpha+ Vertical Slow Juicer

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Hurom H-AE Alpha+ Slow Juicer

Giugiaro Design and Hurom have paired up to produce a juicer that has been designed to look unlike any other while maintaining high performance standards when it comes to juic

Master Crafted Design

The Hurom H-AE has been created with the help of Giugiaro Design, a company founded by master transport designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. As a result, the process in which the H-AE was designed is very different from any other juicer on the marked. Based on concepts used in vehicle design, the H-AE has a streamlined and aerodynamic feel with a vibrant colour scheme. In many ways this is the sports car of the juicing world and as expected, it is capable of excellent performance beneath its flashy exterior.

Hurom H-AE Design

User Simplicity

The H-AE is designed for a great juicing experience, which is achieved through a range of well thought out features. The dual feed hopper is one of these features and like much of the H-AE's design, it aims to make juicing more streamlined, by giving the user a choice between different ingredient inlets. The vertical inlet offers a standard option for long ingredients and the tray inlet is perfect for berries and small fruits.

Like the dual feed hopper, many of the features in the H-AE are included for an improved user experience when juicing. Most are not as noticeable but even small parts such as the cut out in the pulp ejection chute, the pulp control lever or the large and tactile control switch make for a refined and complete design.

Hurom H-AE Hopper

Slow Squeeze Technology

To match other recent Hurom juicers, the H-AE uses our patented Slow Squeeze Technology to juice ingredients to perfection. Our technology works around the idea that slow juicing at high pressures will allow for not only maximum juice extraction, but also efficient extraction of many nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables. Additionally slower motor speeds ensure minimum oxidation of vitamins and minerals as they are pressed.

Therefore, the 150W motor in the H-AE turns the augur at a steady speed of 43 RPM. This speed is optimal for gradual extraction while keeping the time required for juicing at a reasonable length. The H-AE also keeps juicing times down with a dual wing augur design, which allows for double the juicing speed without any loss of quality.

Hurom H-AE Slow Squeeze Technology

Expansive Accessories

Smart accessories allow the H-AE to expand into a multipurpose device that does more than just juicing. With the help of a Coarse Screen Strainer and a Homogenising Blank Screen, this device can comfortably produce pulpy smoothies or act as a mixer/grinder to produce many different foods, including dough, nut butter, sorbet and breadcrumbs.

Hurom H-AE Accessories

Alpha+ Series Parts

An upgraded exterior design has to be met with the very best interior design and as a result, the H-AE is able to benefit from our optimised Alpha+ Series parts. These parts gain all the benefits of standard Alpha components while also receiving a few additional upgrades, allowing for easier assembly and cleaning. The augur, in particular, has been altered, allowing it to be assembled without the large amounts of force typically required in other models.

As with standard Alpha components, the Alpha+ parts used in the H-AE make use of the new gear mechanism in the juicing chamber. This mechanism controls the movement of the spinning brush around the screen, allowing it to turn separately to the augur at a lower speed of just 17 RPM. Turning at a slow pace allows the brush to effectively keep the screen clear while reducing froth and blending flavours evenly.

Hurom H-AE

Product Overview

More Information
Brand Hurom
Model H-AE
Dimensions 18.6 cm (D) x 24.9 cm (W) x 42.9 cm (H)
Juicer Type Cold Press Juicers, Vertical Juicers
Speed 43 RPM
Warranty 10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
Wattage 150 W
Weight 6.6 kg