Hurom H-AI Self-Feeding Slow Juicer

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The first-ever self-feeding juicer to be released in the UK, the H-AI will be able to juice without supervision whilst you get on with other important tasks.

A Multitude of Functions

With the Hurom H-AI being of the latest and most up to date generations of Hurom juicer, it is safe to say it comes with all the features and user-friendly improvements to date, and then some.

The spinning brush in the juicing chamber has had its RPM lowered to 23RPM now, to ensure there is very little to no frothing or foaming of the juice before it is dispensed your selected container.

There is also a removable cog within the juicing bowl that can be removed for/during cleaning, ensuring that there is no hidden build-up of pulp and so that you can purchase a replacement part rather than a new juicer.

Hurom H-AI

The SMART Hopper

As well as being the pioneering juicer of self-juicing technology, the Hurom H-AI's hopper also hides a few other little secrets. When it actually comes to the H-AI self-juicing, all that is really required by the user is to prepare their produce enough so that it fits into the top chamber, affix the lid and then turn it on. You should then be able to come back to a full juicing bowl of the freshest juice packing all of its flavour.

Inside the Smart hopper is a mixing bar, which is able to guide the fruit toward the augur with just the right amount of pressure, as well as a trimming wing which ensures that all the produce it just the right size so that the chamber does not jam with produce and so that the augur can squeeze all the freshness out at a steady 60RPM and not a single rotation more!

Hurom H-AI

Hey Good Looking

Having all these forward-thinking design features inbuilt is all well and good, but the difference with the H-AI is that the designers at Hurom have also taken the time to make it look as good as it works. The pulp collection chamber has also been moved in line with the juicing chamber so that the physical footprint of the juicer on your worktop is no more than 30cm(W) x 16cm(D).

There is now a very premium and handy power Jog Dial that makes operating the juicer even more convenient and effortless.

The juice flap now also sports a chromed accent which ties in nicely with the aesthetic of the Jog Dial and the Hurom logo, with all three together adding a subtle touch of class to the overall look of the juicer.

Hurom H-AI

Alpha+ Technology

The Hurom H-AI now features Alpha+ technology, this being an upgrade of the Alpha technology used in its 2nd generation of juicers, in all of its key juicing components. These specific upgrades have now refined the juicing experience to a stage where there are minimal disruptions the user.

Hurom H-AI

Product Overview

More Information
Brand Hurom
Model H-AI
Dimensions 16.0 cm (D) x 29.6 cm (W) x 43.5 cm (H)
Juicer Type Cold Press Juicers, Vertical Juicers, Self-Feeding Juicers
Speed 60 RPM
Warranty 10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
Wattage 150 W
Weight 6.4 kg