Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Compact and Concise

The robust HP is one of the most compact juicers made by Hurom, as demonstrated by its modest space footprint on your kitchen worktop. This makes it ideal for environments where space can be limited or if you simply prefer to have uncluttered worktops.

The height of the HP model has also been trimmed so that it will fit into most cupboard spaces without the need for disassembling which takes a little extra time off the process to put the juicer away. The actual design and shape of the juicer are based more on curves and soft edges making the HP fit into almost any style of kitchen effortlessly.

Hurom HP Compact

Optimised Juicing

Hurom have gifted the HP with a Double Winged Augur, rather than the traditional older style single-wing augur. The benefits of this are two-fold, with the first being that you are able to get a better yield when compared to a single winged augur, and secondly that it is made of Ultem which is both an extremely tough plastic but more importantly does not contain BPA.

Having an augur that is more efficient at its job also reduces the overall time it takes to juice, meaning you have more time to actually enjoy and appreciate your juicy creations.

Simple After Care

After you have finished juicing, the HP can be cleaned and put away within a few short minutes thanks to the inclusion of more refined juicing parts like the fine screen, spinning brush and juicing bowl. The use of a spinning brush in the juicing bowl, allows the juicer to clean itself as it goes along, brushing away loose pulp and other organic matter that may build up.

The versatile juice flap prevents unwanted leaks whilst juicing, but also allows the efficient and accurate release of your juice when ready. The second advantage of the juice flap also extends to the cleaning process, where you can close the juice flap and add water to the juice bowl whilst the internal brush scrubs away at the inside of the bowl.

Hurom HP After Care

Safety Prioritised

Alongside the standard features, the HP also has additional steps to ensure your safety throughout the whole juicing procedure. The juicer is designed so that it will not operate unless all the components are assembled and aligned in the correct position.

Additionally, the body is vented to allow hot air from the motor to escape easily so that there is no possibility of overheating and extended damage to your motor.

Product Overview

More Information
Model NameHP
Cord Length1.4 m
Dimensions19.2 cm (D) x 17.6 cm (W) x 39.4 cm (H)
Speed43 RPM
Voltage220 - 240 V
Wattage150 W
Weight4.3 kg
Domestic Warranty10 Years (Motor) 2 Years (Parts)