Hurom HV Vertical Slow Juicer

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Hurom HV Slow Juicer

A formidable juicer at a reasonable price with its design and functions having been honed from what Hurom had learnt whilst producing their first generation of juicers. All the improvements at an affordable price!

Double Edge Juicing

One of the key features you may spot in the HV that you don't see in previous models is the Double-Edged Augur. This coupled with the, now slower, 43RPM augur rotation speed ensures that the juice that is extracted is just as nature intended, fresh, fruity and tasty. Having two surfaces that effectively pull down and squeeze both hard and soft fruits also eases up on the pressure required to extract the juice, this helps keep the nutrients and vitamins used by our bodies fresher for longer.

Hurom HV

Touches of Class

Being born of the second generation has allowed Hurom to pack this juicer with all the little bells and whistles that you will find extremely useful in daily use. There is a new adjustable control lever that allows the uses to customise how much pulp they would like in their juices. With different recipes and different people requiring varied textures, this handy little lever ensures that everyone is happy, and there is no need for a whole new attachment in order to achieve.

The Hopper is now semi-transparent allowing you to monitor the feeding chute for two main reasons. The first being that you can ensure that the juicing chamber and augur aren't overloaded or overfed, which often leads to poorer juicing results and a higher chance of damaging parts. And Secondly it allows you to check and ensure that all your produce has been squeezed of its juice, there is nowhere for a sneaky orange or apple segment to hide here.

Hurom HV

It's all in the Chamber

Now with all juicing components made from the tougher Tritan polymer plastic including Augur, Fine Strainer Screen, Juicing Chamber and Spinning Brush, there is much more durability in the HV range than ever before. The spinning brushes that wipe the bowl walls and mix the juice have also been upgraded, there are now four in total that ensure the juice is thoroughly mixed so that is smooth and even when poured out and enjoyed.

Hurom HV

Product Overview

More Information
Brand Hurom
Model HV
Dimensions 22.3 cm (D) x 22.7 cm (W) x 40.3 cm (H)
Juicer Type Cold Press Juicers
Speed 43 RPM
Warranty 10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)
Wattage 150 W
Weight 5.1 kg