Trusted Retailers

Currently is one of the top juicer retailers throughout the UK and they have a continually growing reputation. Their efforts to strive for an unbeatable service immediately made them stand out to us as a company we want to be involved with. That’s why we have made our main Hurom supplier in the UK and they are one of only 2 UK companies that stock our full range of current juicers.

Energise Your Life

The 2nd UK company to stock our full range of juicers is Energise Your Life. This family run company started doing business nearly 15 years ago and their experience in selling high quality healthy kitchen appliances is almost unparalleled. Like our other retailers they seek to provide a rewarding service, which includes next day delivery and some very useful free gifts to help set them apart.

Irish owned and run, is the top juicer retailer in Ireland with over 20000 happy customers since its conception. They stock a wide variety of products, but as their name suggests, juicers are one of their main areas of expertise. Now we are happy to work alongside them to provide a local way for our Irish customers to access Hurom juicers without having to buy from the UK.