Juicing Technology

We take great pride in our products, and as a result we ensure that all of our juicers are capable of top performance. Our end goal is to produce models that extract unbelievably high yields with as little nutrient loss as possible, and we won’t stop improving our juicers until we achieve this level of quality for our customers.

Hurom Augur

Slow Squeeze Technology

A Hurom juicer is defined by many features, but few are as important as our patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ (SST). Optimised to produce a perfect and premium juice every time, SST ensures high nutrient content through a refined extraction system that combines high pressure with an ideal rotation speed. Together these factors allow Hurom juicers to carefully release a variety of minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables in a convenient and time efficient manner.

The full ability of our SST can only be achieved through an optimised partnership between the augur, screen and spinning brush. The augur crushes ingredients, pushing out juice and nutrients from them while keeping oxidation caused by friction heat to a minimum. The screen then filters the juice as it is extracted, separating it from leftover waste and pulp that the body doesn’t need. Finally, the spinning brush blends all flavours and nutrients together, producing a truly balanced juice.

Alpha Juicing Components

In order to get the best out of our Slow Squeeze Technology™ we have dedicated a lot of time to developing key juicing components for optimal performance. Each part is important within the juicing mechanism, and a flaw in just one will lead to worse performance across the board. As a result each has been modified to achieve the best results possible with our current design.

Self-Feeding Innovation

We often prioritise excellent performance when it comes to producing juicing technology, but we believe that it is also important to round this out with an easy to use design. That mindset has led us to produce our first ever self-feeding juicer, the Hurom H-AI. The H-AI uses our current best hopper design, which just needs to be filled with ingredients before being left alone to juice them.

A completely autonomous juicing mechanism makes for a very unique user experience. Not only does it save time, but it also reduces the risk of user errors and damaged parts. Therefore, we firmly believe that self-feeding functionality could be the best for juicing moving forward.

A Reliable Future

Self-feeding juicers may well be one key part of juicer development in the future, but here at Hurom we believe that juicers can also be improved in other ways. One particular issue we wish to tackle moving forward is the juicing screen. While it is a key part in any juicing mechanism, screens are vulnerable to scale build up or pressure damage. Not to mention, they must be well cleaned after every use.

The Dual Strainer

This has led us to create a new strainer system, that uses 2 parts that slot together to make one strainer. Not only are these combined parts much thicker and more durable than a standard screen, but they won’t succumb to scale and they are very easy to clean once separated.

This latest system will be available in our new H100 model and we believe improvements like this will help us to carry the juicer market in a positive direction.