Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer in Brushed Steel

Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer in Brushed Steel


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Extracting the best from your citrus fruits is what the Hurom Citrus Juicer does best. Being named after its sole purpose may be an arrogant move, but with automatic operation, a very efficient yet powerful motor and minimal physical force required to operate it, you can see why it sits comfortably among the highest echelons of Citrus Juicers. It also includes handy little features, such as an anti-drip juice spout and a rubberised grip section on the handle.

Stainless Steel Dream

Using a body made out of Stainless steel has two key purposes here. It provides a nice aesthetically pleasing body shape, as well as being a wipe clean and hardwearing surface. In regard to being hardwearing, the actual juicing components are made from a much tougher Tritan plastic, which ensures the highest longevity from the parts as well as not allowing any cross contaminates from the plastic to slip into your fresh juice as they are all BPA free.


With some very helpful design features its fair to say that the design has been approached from an angle that takes into consideration the users time. The spring-loaded handle releases the top of the fruit press also stopping the rotation of the juicing component, ensuring that there is no unwanted juice flecks flung around your kitchen as you fumble for the on/off switch.

There is also a very handy anti-drip nozzle that will catch those pesky drips that seem to emerge only once you have left the kitchen or even hold all the juice back (when in its upright position) whilst you find a suitable container for your fresh juice.

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Brushed Steel
Cord Length:
1.4 m
90 - 120 rpm
220 - 240 V
1 Year
150 W
24.0 cm
46.8 cm
19.0 cm
2.4 KG

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