Hurom HW Commercial Slow Juicer in Brushed Steel

Hurom HW Commercial Slow Juicer in Brushed Steel

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The Hurom HW has been engineered to provide performance that can't be equalled by any other juicer. As a result we had to design it very differently to a standard domestic model. This eventually led us to implement new juicing components, sized to be 1.25 larger than their domestic counterparts. These new and larger components enable the HW to produce more juice at once, while increasing yields and keeping production times down.

The 1000ml juicing chamber also allows for larger individual juice batches to be produced at a time. Facilitating the production of juices produced and bottled in advance as a fast alternative to waiting for a freshly pressed juice.

Professional Construction

A commercial juicer isn't only defined by how much juice it produces. It also has to be built for the role. Therefore, we have spent time to develop a design befitting of a true commercial juicer, starting with the motor. Optimised for commercial use, the HW motor can handle long periods of use and its torque has been increased substantially to provide greater power and efficiency.

The HW also has an optimised build made from primarily brushed Stainless Steel. By using a premium material we believe that the HW will be able to easily handle rough commercial use without showing signs of age over time.

Commercial Excellence

In a commercial environment time efficiency is very important, and at peak times every minute of work saved can be the difference between excellent and acceptable service. As a result the HW is fitted with supplied with 3 complete sets of juicing components. These component sets can be swapped out between different juices, removing the need to clean all parts immediately before a new juice flavour can be made.

Space Efficient

The HW body moves away from the standard design ideas we put into our Hurom juicers and instead of sleek curved finish it has many flat surfaces. Aesthetically this remains pleasing, but practically it also allows for the juicer to be positioned in a space efficient manner in a commercial kitchen environment. The flat surfaces have also been paired with a change to the position of the juicing chamber, which allows for more practical positioning of the pulp and juice collectors.

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Brushed Steel
Cord Length:
1.4 m
Motor Type:
43 rpm
220 - 240 V
1 Year (Commercial)
150 W
19.9 cm
44.6 cm
28.2 cm
8.6 KG

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