Hurom BL-CO1 Mini Blender in Red

Hurom BL-CO1 Mini Blender in Red


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The Hurom BL-CO1 is a compact and streamlined blender designed to make powerful blending on a small scale more widely accessible. It can perform a variety of functions from puréeing to grinding and is ideal for making quick smoothies and other chilled drinks.

Versatile Blending Options

Despite its small size, the Hurom BL-CO1 still packs quite the punch, and it is able to blend a variety of different foods and ingredients to a smooth and even consistency.

As standard, it can be used to easily whip together smoothies and other chilled drinks. However, that isn’t all, and pushing beyond typical personal blender limits it can even be used for much tougher processes such as grinding coffee beans and even shaving ice in small quantities.

Hassle-Free Operation

The Hurom Personal Blender is very simple to use and it takes only one button press to start blending with it. As a personal blender, it offers a very streamlined interface consisting of a single large button.

Pressing the button fully until it clicks will toggle the blender on or off and pressing the button lightly will activate the pulse function for rough chopping or finishing a blend.

Practical Design

Beyond its blending ability, the Hurom BL-CO1 also sports practical features, making it safer and easier to use. Such features include the use of suction feet to hold the blender firmly in place and a cup detection feature that won’t allow the blender to activate unless it has been assembled securely.

The BL-CO1 is also made out of high-quality food-safe materials such as stainless steel and BPA free plastics to ensure no chemicals leach into blended products.

Convenient Accessories

Finally, the Hurom Personal Blender provides even greater value through accessories. It is provided with 2 separate blending cups, one larger, with a 600 ml capacity, and the other smaller with a 350 ml capacity.

These different cup capacities make quantity control easier for different products and can both be used as transportable storage solutions when used in combination with one of the flip-top lids provided in the box.

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600 ml/350 ml
20,000 rpm
220 - 240 V
1 Year
250 W
11.3 cm
36.8 cm
11.3 cm
2.1 KG

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