Hurom M100 2-in-1 Juicer & Blender in Brushed Steel

Hurom M100 2-in-1 Juicer & Blender in Brushed Steel

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For all our products we aim to innovate, but this is especially true for the M100, which is the world’s first ever 2-in-1 slow juicer and blender appliance. As a result, it offers the ideal package for anyone looking to incorporate all the benefits of both juicing and blending into their life.

2-in-1 Functionality

The M100’s standout feature is its ability to switch between extracting juice or blitzing ingredients together in a matter of seconds. With 2 separate heads for each core function, switching between those roles is very easy and allows the M100 to complete numerous tasks with little assistance.

High-Speed Blending

Despite our reputation as juicer specialists, we’ve also developed numerous blenders over the years and have applied that experience to producing the M100. To that end, we have fitted it with a high-power motor that has 10 speed levels and can reach up to 26,500 rotations per minute.

Self-Feeding Juicing

To offer a superior experience, the juicing head has been equipped with our industry-leading self-feeding technology. As a result, it can cut down, crush and juice ingredients by itself without any assistance, saving a lot of time and reducing the amount of effort required to make a glass of juice.

Auto-Program Cycles

In keeping with our goal to make the M100 easy to use, we have equipped it with 5 auto programs to quickly complete common tasks. These functions include smoothies, ice crushing, soups, grinding and cleaning, and once activated run for a preset amount of time until the process is complete.

Slow Squeeze Technology™

As with all our slow juicers, we have implemented our patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ into the M100. This allows it to work at a slow speed of 43 - 50 rotations per minute to extract top nutrient levels from ingredients while squeezing incredible yields from them at the same time.

Optimised Cleaning

As with most of our products, we’ve designed the M100 with ease of cleaning in mind. Therefore, it employs one of our latest easy-to-clean juicing mechanisms and benefits from an auto cleaning program to quickly collect any residue in the blending jug.

High-Quality Materials

We take pride in manufacturing our products from good materials and as a result, the M100 is made of high-quality BPA-free plastics in order to prevent chemical leaching seen in inferior plastics.

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Brushed Steel
350 ml
Cord Length:
1.4 m
Motor Type:
43 - 50 / 26,5000 rpm
220 - 240 V
10 Years (Motor), 5 Years (Parts)
200 / 1000 W
29.6 cm
52.8 cm
24.6 cm
9.5 KG

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