Our History

It has been over 40-years since Hurom was first founded, and over these last few decades we have worked hard to pioneer new technologies and designs, taking juicing to new heights.

Our core mission will always be to help people, and we develop all of our products to have a positive impact on our customer's health and wellbeing. But we can only do all this thanks to the successes and trials of our past.

Our Story

Hurom was first founded back in 1974 as a kitchen appliance manufacturing company. As a keen entrepreneur and innovator, our founder believed strongly in promoting healthy living and sought to make appliances to help people to eat more nutritious whole foods.

With that mindset as our backbone, we initially produced a variety of kitchen appliances over the following years, including high power blenders and food processors. However, in 2005, we completed developing the world's first true slow juicer alongside our patented Slow Squeeze Technology.2005.jpg

From that point onwards, juicers became our focus and we continued to tweak and improve our designs and mechanisms to offer superior performance and a refined user experience. Thanks to these improvements, in 2010 our HH Series slow juicer was declared a 'World Class Product' by the Korean government.

In the present day, we are still working on further innovations within the slow juicer market we helped to create and still keep our founder's core ethos at the heart of everything we do.

Our Awards

Thanks to our progressive view on product development, we have always looked to focus on innovative designs and features to take our new models to new heights. As a result, we have received praise and awards for our work from numerous bodies, including IDEA, reddot and iF.


2010 was an especially good year for us across the board and it marks the first year our products were recognised internationally. In total, we managed to win 3 awards, including golds at iENA Nuremberg and the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and the 'Most Innovative Kitchen Appliance Award' at the Invention & New Product Exposition in the US.

Following our successes in 2010, we were keen to become recognised more globally and in 2013 our HH Series slow juicer was declared a 'Bronze Winner at the International Design Excellence Awards' (IDEA) and also earned a reddot award for product design.

Since these early successes, we have continued to see awards come in for many of our juicers from a range of bodies and most recently our latest juicer, the H300, has earned a 2021 reddot award for its innovative and unique design.