Hurom HZ Vertical Slow Juicer in Brushed Steel

Hurom HZ Vertical Slow Juicer in Brushed Steel

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As with all vertical Hurom juicers, the HZ is designed to use our patented Slow Squeeze Technology to juice ingredients. It works by utilising the 150W A/C motor found in the H-AA to turn the augur at a slow 43 RPM. Operating at such speeds ensures that ingredients are given plenty of contact time between the augur and screen, allowing them to be pressed thoroughly.

The HZ uses this method with maximum efficiency through a dual winged augur. The dual winged design allows for twice the amount of ingredients to be juiced at once, while still ensuring that high nutrient levels are extracted. That high nutrient extraction is the true power of our slow squeeze technology and it is the reason why Hurom juicers can press out large amounts of minerals and vitamins while ensuring that they do not oxidise as they are processed.

High-Quality Build

Built to a higher level, the motor casing for the HZ is made primarily of brushed Stainless Steel. Not only does this give it a premium finish that looks great, but it also ensures it is very resistant to scratches and damage that could show up heavily on plastic products.

The juicing components have also been designed with durability in mind, and they are made from a variety of hard-wearing materials, including ABS, Tritan and Ultem. These components have also been made from BPA free materials, removing the risks caused by chemical leeching in inferior juicers.

Expansive Accessories

Smart accessories allow the HZ to expand into a multipurpose device that does more than just juicing. With the help of a Coarse Screen Strainer and a Homogenising Blank Screen, this device can comfortably produce pulpy smoothies or act as a mixer/grinder to produce many different foods, including dough, nut butter, sorbet and breadcrumbs.

Additionally to the Coarse Screen and Blank, the HZ is also provided with a Citrus Juicing Attachment. This attachment allows the HZ to be used for fast automatic juicing with oranges, limes and lemons, saving time and reducing the manual effort needed to quickly juice a single citrus fruit.

Pulp Outlet Control

The adjustable lever on the front of the juicing chamber allows for easy control over the size of the pulp outlet. The smaller the size the higher the pressure in the juicing chamber, which in turn causes more juice to be pressed from ingredients. It also allows for an increased variety of juice textures, as high pressures lead to more pulp being forced through the screen, into the juice, where lower pressures yield a very thin juice.

Alpha Series Parts

The HZ is equipped with our Alpha Series juicing components, which grant it many advantages over other juicing systems. A new gear mechanism is among the more exciting additions to the Alpha Series parts and it is used to control the rotation of the spinning brush. That mechanism allows the brush to turn separately to the augur at a lower speed of just 17 RPM. Not only does this reduce physical strain on the augur, but it also decreases the froth formed during juicing while still blending flavours into a balanced juice.

Most other changes have been made for an improved user experience and the HZ has many small features that make it more comfortable to use. Among these some of the more obvious are the semi-transparent hopper, the LED status panel and the reshaped pulp ejection chute, which allows for a faster and simpler cleaning process.

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Brushed Steel
Cord Length:
1.4 m
Motor Type:
43 rpm
220 - 240 V
10 Years (Motor), 5 Years (Parts)
150 W
20.5 cm
40.7 cm
23.6 cm
5.4 KG

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