Hurom H200 Self-Feeding Juicer

Hurom H200 Self-Feeding Juicer

Self-Feeding Juicing

To make the H200 our most enjoyable juicer to date, the decision to add our self-feeding technology was an easy one. This technology allows the H200 to complete a full juicing cycle by itself, from chopping ingredients through to extracting juice from them. As a result, it provides convenience above all else, allowing anyone to start juicing, no matter how busy their schedule.

Additionally, this particular iteration of the self-feeding technology is particularly spectacular as it can chop even whole ingredients. Essentially, this means you can add apples, carrots and many other ingredients into the self-feeding chamber without needing to prepare them first.

Hurom H200 Self-Feeding Hopper

Easy Cleaning Process

Cleaning a juicer is often the least enjoyable part of the juicing process, but the H200 helps out by making the task quicker than ever. Our easy to clean juicing parts can be washed in under a minute just by rinsing them under warm water, making for a very streamlined process.

Out of these parts, we are particularly proud of our new strainer combination, which has replaced the standard mesh screen seen in other juicers. These screens typically take a few minutes to scrub clean with a brush, but the strainer combination instead splits into two parts that can be rinsed clean in seconds.

Hurom H200 Strainers

Slow Squeeze Technology™

As with all our vertical juicers, the H200 uses our patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ to juice ingredients to perfection. Our SST™ method works on the idea that slow juicing at high pressure allows for the extraction of fantastic juice yields that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, a slower motor speed keeps the oxidation of vitamins and minerals to a minimum. Therefore, the slow 50 RPM speed seen in the H200 is ideal for getting the highest quality juice from ingredients.

Hurom H200 Slow Squeeze Technology

A Modern Style

Whenever we make a juicer, we always aim to combine style with practicality and the H200 may be our best effort to date. Designed to be elegant and streamlined, the H200 also benefits from being very compact, and even features like the pulp collection container are inbuilt. Therefore, the H200 can look comfortable in even the most cluttered of kitchens.

Hurom H200 Design

Swift Assembly

To cap off our ultimate juicer, we toyed with the assembly process to make it as simple as possible. In total, there are only five parts that need to be slotted together, and they are each marked with clear alignment indicators to assist in positioning them correctly. The result is an easy to master process that takes less than a minute to complete.

Hurom H200 Assembly

Product Video

More Information
Model NameH200
Cord Length1.4 m
Dimensions25.4 cm (D) x 17.5 cm (W) x 44.5 cm (H)
Speed50 RPM
Voltage220 - 240 V
Wattage150 W
Weight6.4 kg
Domestic Warranty10 Years (Motor) 5 Years (Parts)