Hurom H310 Self-Feeding Mini Juicer in Beige

Hurom H310 Self-Feeding Mini Juicer in Beige


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Through the H310, we aim to provide a high-quality package at a reasonable price without cutting back on valuable features and technologies. For anyone only looking to produce 1 or 2 glasses of juice a day, this model is undoubtedly the ideal option.

Multi-Screw Design

The H310 uses our latest multi-screw mechanism to process ingredients with greater efficiency, allowing it to extract juice faster than ever. Additionally, it can perform multiple functions, such as mixing ice cream or pressing nut milk, in one package without needing any accessories.

Self-Feeding Juicing

For the ultimate convenience, this juicer has been equipped with our industry-leading self-feeding technology. As a result, it can cut down, crush and juice ingredients by itself without any assistance, saving a lot of time and reducing the amount of effort required to make a glass of juice.

Compact & Lightweight

In order to make the H310 easy to store or move we focused on making it very compact, saving space wherever we could without impacting performance. These optimisations allow this juicer to be picked up and carried with just 1 hand.

Slow Squeeze Technology™

To ensure that the H310 produces high-quality juice yields, we have implemented our patented Slow Squeeze Technology™. This allows it to work at a slow speed of 43 rotations per minute to extract top nutrient levels from ingredients.

Superfast Cleaning

Like most of our recent juicers, the H310 has been designed with an emphasis on making it easy to clean. Thanks to this effort, it only has 3 parts that need cleaning after each use, and they have all been built to rinse quickly for a hassle-free experience.

High-Quality Materials

Using materials of suitable quality is very important to us. Therefore, we have ensured that the H310 has been made from a range of high-quality BPA-free plastics in order to prevent chemical leaching seen in inferior plastics.

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250 ml
Cord Length:
1.4 m
Motor Type:
37 - 43 rpm
220 - 240 V
10 Years (Motor), 2 Years (Parts)
100 W
17.2 cm
39.5 cm
16.0 cm
3.4 KG

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