Hurom DU Horizontal Slow Juicer in Silver

Hurom DU Horizontal Slow Juicer in Silver

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The Hurom DU introduces itself as one of the most compact yet capable juicers in their Chef range. It measures only 16cm in total length and shows how compact a horizontal juicer can be if redundant space is eliminated from their designs.

Being short in length also means that it weighs less, and at only 4.7kg, it makes it a breeze to move around the kitchen and clean when needed.

Advanced Cutting Blade

The Hurom DU is the first in the Hurom range to include a stainless-steel pulp cutting blade. Its function is to cut up the pulp just before it is ejected from the nozzle at the end, this allows for any last bits of juice within the pulp to be extracted before the natural pressure that is built up in the horizontal chamber behind it forces it out.

It has also been designed so that no manual adjustments from the user are required, it will self-regulate pressure and build up, providing you with more time to focus on your juicing or meal recipe.

Multi-Purpose Master

Having demonstrated that it is more than capable at juicing, the Hurom DU can also support and cut downtime in other kitchen preparation tasks thanks to an assortment of attachments and parts all included.

The DU is also a very capable grinder for both meats and for making your own spice or marinade compounds, this would require the blank screen attachment. You can also make various styles of pasta and noodles, using the provided Nozzle set. Kneading dough can also be tackled by the DU, with the ingredients being mixed and folded in consistently, ensuring a smooth yet light dough is produced.

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Cord Length:
1.4 m
Motor Type:
77 rpm
220 - 240 V
10 Years (Motor), 2 Years (Parts)
150 W
16.1 cm
36.7 cm
31.9 cm
4.7 KG

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