Hurom H100 Vertical Slow Juicer in Black

Hurom H100 Vertical Slow Juicer in Black

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The H100 is the first juicer we've released to contain our all-new juicing mechanism, which replaces a standard fine screen for a dual strainer setup. This strainer, as its name implies, is made up of two parts that fit together to form long and thin slits. These slits separate juice from pulp in place of the standard sieving method, while remaining just as effective.

However, what makes this strainer mechanism special, is the ease with which it can be cleaned once both parts are separated. Gone are the days of intense scrubbing to clean a screen, the dual strainer parts rinse clean in mere seconds.

Slow Squeeze Technology

As with all our vertical juicers, the H100 uses our patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ to juice ingredients to perfection. Our SST™ method is based on the idea that slow juicing at high pressures will allow for high juice yields and the efficient extraction of many nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, slower motor speeds ensure minimum oxidation of vitamins and minerals as they are pressed. Therefore, the 150W motor in the H100 turns the augur at a steady speed of 43 RPM. This speed is optimal for gradual extraction and when combined with a dual wing augur design to increase the rate of juicing, the overall process is kept short yet effective.

Comfortable Experiences

With the H100, one of our main goals was to provide a great user experience. As a result, a lot of thought has gone into the different ways that users interact with each component in a juicer. From this, one area we highlighted for change was the pulp ejection control. On our other juicers this takes the form of a basic lever, which many users didn’t understand. Therefore, we have replaced it with a much more intuitive slide control.

Additionally the H100 has been fitted with dual inlet feed chute. This feature was lifted from our design for the H-AE model and has been reworked for maximum functionality. Each inlet is designed to handle different types of ingredients optimally, and between them any type of produce can be juiced with ease.

Expansive Accessories

We believe that when it comes to kitchen appliances, the more processes a device is capable of, the more enjoyable it is to own. This view has led us to include 2 different screen accessories with the H100 that increase its range of functions, making it a multipurpose device that does more than just juicing.

Through the coarse screen strainer and homogenising blank, this device can comfortably produce pulpy smoothies or act as a mixer/grinder to produce many different food types; including dough, nut butters, sorbets and breadcrumbs.

Refreshed Styling

Another one of goals with the H100 was to create a juicer more stylish than any before it, while still keeping it practical for storage. Therefore, we made an effort to design it very differently to other juicers in our collection with an emphasis on a compact design.

This mindset led us to settle on a sleeker body shape that better suits the purpose and feeling we want our juicers to provide to all users. However, we ensured this wasn’t achieved at the cost of quality, and as a result the H100 is made from premium, durable and BPA free plastics with even higher grade Tritan and Ultem materials used in the key juicing components.

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Cord Length:
1.4 m
Motor Type:
43 rpm
220 - 240 V
10 Years (Motor), 5 Years (Parts)
150 W
21.1 cm
46.2 cm
29.3 cm
5.8 KG

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