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From the creators of the world's first patented slow juicer.

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H400 Self-Feeding Slow Juicer

The latest member of the Hurom family, the H400 is our greatest self-feeding juicer to date. Making use of an all new Multi-Screw mechanism, it offers incredible performance, efficiency and quality throughout.

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Our Community

This page reflects Hurom's commitment to a healthy lifestyle, providing a supportive environment for individuals to find inspiration and guidance through customer videos.

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Our History

With a history spanning over 40 years, we have spent decades working and perfecting our craft to ensure that we can offer the best products possible to our customers.

However, while we are now known internationally for our juicers, that wasn’t always the case, and we owe a lot of our current identity to our past as much as our present.

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Our Technology

To stand out from the crowd it has always been our ethos to grow far beyond our competition. As a result, we are stout innovators always looking to promote new features.

From our patented Slow Squeeze Technology™ to our easy clean parts and self-feeding mechanisms, our products always benefit from only the best of our ideas.

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Fuel your Body with Juice

For many people juicing isn’t just a way to lose weight, it’s a direct path towards a healthier lifestyle powered by great nutrition. Not to mention it offers a range of health benefits that can be enjoyed by anybody.

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Almond Milk
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Vegan Tofu
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Basil Grape Juice
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Orange Explosion Juice
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Beet Apple Juice
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Berry Ice Cream
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    The Best Vegetables to Juice

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Our Resources

If you want to learn more about how to use and get the most out of you juicer, be sure to check out our product guides for any extra support required.

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